Friday, 8 November 2013


Welcome to my blog!  Here I hope to share ideas with you on how to get the most from our students in French class. 

A little about myself:  I am a Junior (Grades 4-6) and Special Education FSL teacher in an inner-city school in Canada.  I am relatively new to teaching French.  In the past I have taught grade 3/4; Grade 5, Grade 7 and 8 Math, Science and Technology, and Grade 4/5.  I am very interested in using as much technology in the classroom as possible.  

What I hope to achieve with this blog, is a place to catalogue my ideas, and to share them with other FSL teachers who are interested in new ideas to make learning (and teaching) FSL fun.  

What you will (eventually) find on this blog:  links to useful videos, songs and stories; Oral activity ideas and examples; printables; original music and ideas; hints on how to bring technology into your FSL classroom; and anything else that may be helpful in engaging students.   

It is my hope that this blog will be a useful resource to anyone wanting to try something new.