French Beyond France

French Beyond France: Intercultural Resources for La Francophonie

Below is the first version of the TLLP project I have been creating with a team of teachers in my Board. Supporting documentation and resources will be available at the TeachOntario website:

The purpose of this Teaching Learning and Leadership Project is multi-faceted:

  • to survey other teachers, collect, consult and interpret that data to guide the perimeters and evolution of this TLLP to explore, catalogue and evaluate various resources, including community connections and authentic documents for global Francophone culture 
  • to collaborate with educators to find the best format with to share our research 
  • to use these resources with our students to guide our pedagogy to compile a living document of resources and workshop to share our findings with other teachers 
  • to help develop a greater level of understanding of interculturality and the intercultural awareness component of the revised Ontario FSL curriculums in FSL Core and Immersion Teachers by providing assistance in collecting resource

The resulting document was created to help FSL teachers navigate the vast resources available online through great sources like TV5Monde, and Idéllo/ TFO that provide and host the videos for free streaming, however does not provide a comprehensive list so educators can browse videos by subject and skill level. This section, organized by geographical location and by CEFR skill level, should provide the cross-listed information in a quick to access format for ease of planning. We would be interested in hearing what you think of our work!



  1. Stephanie,
    Thanks so much for sharing. This looks amazing! I will need to take more time to dive into it - but what a great idea! Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    Looks like an amazing resource. Thank-you for sharing!